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Enquanto muitos comemoram suas novas abilidades e talentos, deixo aqui a minha indignação pela quantidade enorme de bugs. Não consigo entender isso, mesmo na terceira expansão a Blizzard consegue colocar uma versão totalmente estragada nos live servers. Pra que tanto tempo de beta e testes nos PTR??

4.0.1 Known Issues Sticky Updated 10/12/2010

World of Warcraft Client Patch 4.0.1 Known Issues

Customer Service Known Issues List:

This is a listing of some of the known issues for World of Warcraft Patch 4.0.1.

* This list is not complete, and will not include all issues.
* The issues listed here are frequently reported issues that will be addressed at a later date via a client patch.

The latest patch notes can always be found at

General Issues

  • Mammoth pictures do not fit inside of the mount preview window.
  • Characters are seated too far back on the Winged Steed of the Ebon Blade.
  • Stackable items that are purchased with extended cost currency cannot be purchased in stacks.
  • The costs for level 70 Brutal pvp gear, weapons and gems, offered by Brutal Arena Vendors, have not been adjusted to the new Honor points system.
  • The drum loop played by the Sen’jin Fetish loops endlessly and will stack when dismissed/re-summoned.
  • Argent Peacekeepers are randomly playing attack animations while idle.
  • All character models dip into the terrain briefly when dismounting their flying and ground mounts.
  • Frostbrood Matriarchs are animating strangely.

Combat & PvP

  • Spell penetration does not update dynamically on pets.
  • Detailed combat log tooltips that use tokens are scaling based on the players’ spellpower.
  • Ferocious Inspiration, Communion, and Arcane Tactics, are appearing inconsistently on the buff bar.
  • There is an inconsistency in the cast bar when switching between talent specializations.
  • No sound is played when switching between talent specializations.
  • The tooltip for Dual Wield Specialization is incorrect.
  • Spawn animations for some named creatures are no longer playing when summoned.
  • The casting animation from channeling a beam spell will stop displaying if you are targeted by another player with the same spell and its duration ends.
  • The PvP currency, Honor Points, cost of several items offered by classic battleground vendors needs to be adjusted.


Death Knights

  • Ghoul pet bars have the abilities Sweeping Claws and Monstrous Blow by default.
  • Ebon Plague has a tooltip error. The tooltip for magic damage taken is 0%.


  • If a druid has a negative amount of balance power when they level, their balance power will be set to 100.
  • The Druid’s Flight Form only displays in the trainer UI once Expert Riding has been learned.
  • The tooltip for the feral druid ability Skull Bash is incorrect.
  • There is a typo in the tooltip for the talent Stampede.
  • The tooltip for the feral druid ability Skull Bash is incorrect.
  • Ravage cannot be used in macros.


  • Newly created Hunters have a pet bar.
  • Beetles cannot be tamed.
  • Several Hunter Pet spells appear in the Pet tab of the Spellbook before a Hunter is able to actually use them.
  • Pets have no animation for the ability “Carrion Feeder.”
  • Wolverine Bite’s is displaying incorrect numerical information in the combat log.
  • The exotic pet spell Froststorm Breath does not function according to its tooltip.
  • The debuff tooltip for Froststorm Breath is inconsistent with the spell tooltip.
  • The tooltip for Chimera Shot does not mention the healing effects of this ability.
  • The spell effect for Cobra Shot travels past creature models.
  • The survival talent Black Arrow does not do the same amount of damage as indicated by its tooltip.
  • Many hunter pet abilities are removed from the pet’s action bar upon relogging into the game or zoning.
  • Devilsaur are not displaying correctly in the hunter pet UI.


  • The periodic damage from Flamestrike is not being increased by Mastery: Flashburn.
  • Charges from Arcane Potency are being consumed inconsistently with channeled spells.
  • The tooltip for Combustion does not clearly state that a fire DoT must be on the target to be cast.


  • The Retribution Aura tooltip shows the damage value modified by Aura Mastery even after Aura Mastery has dropped.
  • Divine Guardian is reducing the damage the Paladin takes by 20% instead of reducing the damage his party members take by 20%.
  • Glyphing Divine Protection makes the tooltip say reduces damage by 0%. The glyph reduces magical damage by 40% and physical damage by 20%.


  • The spell Power Infusion can be obtained at level 29, but cannot be cast on players under level 30.
  • Mental Agility is not affecting old Priest abilities.


  • The spell effect visual for Earthquake looks awkward when cast on a staircase or a steep incline.


  • Drain Life cannot be used in macros.
  • Using an ability that triggers Soul Link around neutral guards will cause these guards to attack.
  • Blood Pact’s tooltip is inconsistent with the actual buff given to them.
  • Health Funnel tooltip doesn’t mention a channel duration.
  • The Emberstorm talent is too low on the talent tree of Destruction.
  • The damage listed for spell Drain Life is inconsistent in multiple areas.
  • The sound of Immolation Aura will not last the full duration of the spell.


  • Execute is highlighted if a Warrior has less than 20% health, regardless of having an active target.
  • Bonus damage gained by consuming extra rage for Execute is not modified correctly by stances.

Battlegrounds and PvP

  • Cannons in Battlegrounds will behave oddly when moved.
  • There is a slight delay on the flag capture when returning a flag in battlegrounds.
  • The East Frostwolf Tower in Alterac Valley has a typo on the map when destroyed.
  • Icons for both the airships in the Isle of Conquest do not have icons on the game map.
  • Players who leave Battlegrounds that are in progress are not removed from the Score Board.
  • The instance portals for Battlegrounds are not functioning for Arathi Basin, Alterac Valley and Warsong Gulch.
  • It is possible for boats to not phase out completely upon the start of round two in Strand of the Ancients.
  • Orgrimmar Arena: It is possible for players to get their pets stuck on the large pillars in the Orgrimmar Arena.
  • Both airships in the Isle of Conquest do not have icons that appear on the game map.


  • Resizing the game window while in windowed mode makes bodies of water disappear in game.


  • Barrier of the Earth Princess still offers defense rating.
  • Many items are losing their bonus armor.
  • There are multiple items that are still giving socket bonuses.
  • There is no recipe to craft a Glyph of Vanish.
  • Overwriting any active glyph by using a second active glyph will still use Vanishing Powder and erase the first glyph (despite an error message afterward), instead of preventing erasure of the targeted glyph.


  • Dungeon Finder doesn’t mention the Justice Point reward in Random Lich King Dungeon or Random Lich King Heroic.
  • In the quest “Hammering It Out,” the NPC name is not correct in the objective.

Raids and Dungeons

  • Grand Ambassador Flamelash’s Flamelash is doing a damage type that is inconsistent with the detailed combat log tooltip.
  • The corpse marker for players who die in the Grand Ambassador Flamelash encounter are directed to an incorrect location.
  • The portals in the Twilight Hammer event doesn’t take you to the named position.
  • The last remaining player in a random instance group can miss out on Random Dungeon loot
  • Players from different servers can’t trade dungeon items necessary to progress through the dungeon.

User Interface

  • Changing between System Default and Microphone in the Voice Chat settings after recording a voice sample can cause a crash.
  • Character and Pet UI can disappear if the player uses the LFD teleport to dungeon immediately after leaving a quest vehicle.
  • Warlocks and Paladins will see the chat messages that Cold Weather Flying and Flight Master’s License are unlocked when they reach level 20.

Coisas simples como animação de mount, tooltip das habilidades, pecou muito nos detalhes.

Tudo novo de novo.

Em breve o post padrão para as novidades.

Conforme avisado por blue post nos foruns oficiais, amanhã teremos manutenção estendida. Já é a deixa pro patch 4.0.1

We will be performing extended maintenance on Tuesday, October 12th. Maintenance will begin at 12:00 AM PDT and conclude at approximately 12:00 PM PDT. During this time, all realms and many web services will be unavailable.Thank you for your patience.



Se você ainda não baixou o pequenino arquivo de 4GB, tomara que você tenha um link muito bom.


A graninha extra ganha por desenvolvedores de addons está com seus dias contados. A nossa grande amada Blizzard acaba de lançar uma nova política para desenvolvimento de addons para o World of Warcraft, ela basicamente diz que os addons devem ser totalmente livres de qualquer tipo de encargo, escrito em código limpo (isso quer dizer que todo mundo deve ter acesso ao código sem ele ser mascarado), não podem solicitar doações de qualquer tipo e não podem conter anúncios (propagandas) de terceiros.

Realmente essa nova decisão da Blizzard é surpreendente, pois essa nova política irá detonar grande parte dos desenvolvedores de addons que ajudaram a impulsionar o WoW para o sucesso que ele tem hoje. Os addons apontaram várias deficiências na interface padrão de forma a incentivar modificações oficiais, um exemplo recente que podemos ver é o caso do addon “Outfitter”. A Blizzard vai lançar no próximo patch uma função na interface que muda seus equips em um só clique, idéia que foi claramente influenciada por esse adddon.

Trocando tudo em miúdos, o que a Blizzard está querendo dizer com essa nova política é: “Gostaríamos muito que vocês continuem melhorando o nosso jogo de graça, mas não espere nada em troca além da gratidão dos usuários.

Vai ser bem interessante ver a reação dos desenvolvedores de addons que dependem de “donations” ou mesmo aqueles que são totalmente pagos e o impacto que isso vai ocasionar no WoW, lembrando que um novo patch vem aí e todos addons praticamente necessitarão de atualizações.

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Blizzard Nice Guy!

 Ah! Bliizzard!

Os jogadores reclamaram de que o dual specs estaria disponível apenas ao mais alto nível, e a Blizzard jogou para baixo, para o nível 40 (e removeu o reagente, para reiniciar). Engenheiros se queixaram de que não tinham um self-buff, e então obtiveram um. Hunters finalmente podem usar sua última bag. Mesmo após o evento “Loves in the air” terminar, a Blizzard decidiu nerfar o achievement para que todos pudessem obtê-lo, de qualquer maneira. É isso aí, no meio de tanta coisa a Blizzard decidiu nerfar o cooldown da HearthStone. Será que o problema somos nós, ou a Blizzard está batendo o recorde de “abertura de pernas” ultimamente?

Essas mudanças estão sendo bem aceitas por alguns e fazendo outros players torcerem o nariz. A Blizzard nunca esteve tão “boazinha” querendo fazer todo mundo feliz. A impressão que fica é que toda vez que alguém grita nos fóruns oficiais a Blizzard realiza as mudanças sem qualquer fase de aprovação.

De acordo com alguns Blue Posters a mudança no cooldown da HearthStone como todas as outras alterações surgiram não por causa do volume de posts, mas porque os desenvolvedores se reuniram e tomaram a decisão que era mais certa para o jogo. É claro que eles nunca irão dizer que as mudanças partiram exclusivamente do feedback de players, mas é claro que esperamos que essas mudanças não cheguem ao absurdo de transformar o World of Warcraft em um jogo sem desafios.


Sobre o Autor

O nome Mesophitos nasceu a partir de um livro de botânica, na verdade o nome correto em português é mesófito, é a região de um vegetal que é o meio de ligação da raíz com o caule. Sim parece um pouco de exagero, mas na época que ele foi criado não se podia pagar pra trocar de nome, o nome era realmente definitivo, precisava ser escolhido como o nome de um filho.